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Exes Anonymous

Publisher: Time Warner Paperbacks
April 2005

Exes Anonymous - Meeting Tonight at 8pm. Please Bring Your Own * Bottle * Crushed and broken heart * Snacks

Rebecca broke up with Patrick five months ago. She's doing fine. Okay, so she has turned her bedroom into a sort of Patrick shrine with pictures and candles. But she's fine, honestly. She's getting over it. For some strange reason her best friend Davey doesn't agree. He thinks Rebecca needs help with her Patrick obsession. And so they set up Exes Anonymous - a self-help group for the unceremoniously chucked. The seven broken-hearted members soon become friends, meeting at each other's flats to swap stories and offer support. Rebecca begins to hope that she can beat her addiction after all. But love hasn't quite finished with Rebecca. After all, it is a hard habit to break...

Don't Even Think About It

Publisher: Downtown Press
November 2004

When Londoners Katie and Michael meet in New York, it's love at first sight. Michael's ex-girlfriend, Sally, isn't worried. Michael frequently jumps from woman to woman, and his relationships never seem to last for very long. But Sally's best friend, Jude, knows that Sally is still carrying a torch for Michael and schemes to get them back together. Her handsome coworker, Paul, figures in Jude's plan: he is obviously interested in Sally, and his attentions to her might inspire Michael to dump Katie. Jude herself is dating Scott, who seems to be more involved with his job than he is with her.

But when the group comes together to celebrate Katie's birthday, a bit of unexpected news throws a big monkey wrench into Jude's plans, with major repercussions for the whole group. Henderson's latest is a delightful romantic comedy with several unexpected twists and turns.

My Lurid Past

Publisher: Downtown Press
November 2003

She's a bona fide man-eater.

As a successful publicist specializing in the food trade, Juliet Cooper has never had any trouble meeting men; she just doesn't want them hanging around her London flat on a Sunday, asking her how she feels about her mother (who, for the record, hails from hell). After four years of serial dating Juliet's suddenly realized that men -- like big lunches -- have a tendency to repeat on you. But what else is a girl to do?

She's hungry for love.

Though Juliet secretly envies her friend Gillian's life -- The comfort and companionship of marriage? Lovely! -- Gillian said goodbye to her sex life when she said, "I do." And as much as Juliet likes sporting leather for her friend Mel's fetish parties, she's much too lazy to be a dominatrix. Fortunately, as Juliet masterminds the career of her new celebrity chef client Liam, who has the sex drive of a testosterone-crazed rhino, these friends are about to discover the truth about what women really want, and how sometimes -- against the odds -- they end up getting it.