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Hello everyone! Welcome to my site and I hope you enjoy visiting and looking around – there’s a lot to read!

Now that I’ve written crime novels, romantic comedies, a bestselling dating guide and two separate series of Young Adult mysteries, many readers have contacted me to ask about my latest project. Well, the news is that I’m now no longer writing novels as Lauren Henderson. For several years I have been writing glamorous thrillers under the name of Rebecca Chance. The change is purely for branding reasons. After having written in so many genres, my publishers wanted a different author name on the books to signal clearly what kind of books they were – and to distance them from the Young Adult mysteries, as they have very strong adult content.

You can find the Rebecca Chance website here. But the books are not suitable for under-18 year-olds, as they’re full of very racy sex scenes of all types and saucy dialogue, so please don’t read them if you’re under 18 and/or want to avoid explicit naughtiness!

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I hope you enjoy the site, have fun on it and let me know any feedback you have. Thanks so much for visiting!

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