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Sam Jones series

Dead White Female


When Lee Jackson is found dead after a party, the police believe it was an accident, but Sam Jones is convinced it is murder. Frustrated by the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" attitude of friends, she abandons the sculpture she is working on, to investigate her art tutor's death.

Too Many Blondes


When one of Sam Jones colleagues at the gym turns into a corpse, she is asked to investigate. And with her extremely unorthodox methods she discovers that more than one of the staff has an unpleasant secret to hide. Not to mention her own scandalous entanglement with a very unlikely source indeed.

The Black Rubber Dress


Cool, sharp, streetwise, Sam Jones attracts trouble like she does men. Finding herself in the midst of a twisted intrigue of blackmail and drug-taking, surrounded by anorexie Sloanes, raucous merchant bankers and a series of very expensive dinners. Sam is in a world not her own; and as the deaths increase she comes to realise that her own life is at risk.

Freeze My Margarita


Sam Jones is back, and she's still wearing rubber. A chance meeting in a fetish club with an old friend from art school, now set-designing, garners her a commission to create a series of mobiles for his latest production. Sam can't resist most things, and certainly not a challenge. Before you can say The Collected Works of Shakespeare she plunges into the world of the theatre.

The Strawberry Tattoo

Sam Jones, sculptress and reluctant sleuth, arrives in New York for an art exhibition, only to find a gallery employee murdered in Strawberry Fields. Meanwhile, Sam must conceal a moment of infidelity.



When Sam Jones wakes up handcuffed in a cellar and with a terrible headache, she naturally assumes she is suffering the aftermath of a great night out. But, as her memory returns, she recalls being kidnapped. Is she the kidnappers' real target or is it all a case of mistaken identity?

Pretty Boy


Finding a body tied to the village Christmas tree is an unwelcome complication for Sam Jones - sculptor and involuntary sleuth - especially when her friend Tom becomes principal suspect. Distracted by the appalling state of her love life, Sam's not in the best shape for tracking down the killer.