Lauren pole-posing for a Cosmo article

Pole dancing is really hard work, by the way. Iíve done gymnastics and trapeze and I never got so bruised and cut up as I did pole dancing. You donít really muscle it that much, but Iím used to having to muscle it for gymnastics, which - for me anyway - requires 100% effort 100% of the time. So Iíd throw myself onto or round the pole, spin round like a dervish and collect some nice pole burns along the way. Iíve still got a scar on one forearm!

Taking a shot at research

And hereís me learning to shoot a bow and arrow Ė a skill (if you can call it that on my account, I missed the target more than I hit it) which Iíll be using in the fourth Scarlett Wakefield novel. I can definitely see Scarlett and Taylor doing archery, canít you?